Political Thoughts

Politics was a distant concept to me. It existed as names in history and a plethora of fancy terms in textbooks, of justification and glorification. It never came dear to me before I stepped out of the ivory tower and talked to different people.

Politics, in my understanding, is retrospective. Tracing into the past, we learnt the how things ought to be. Politics is grounded at the present, because every decision is ultimately bounded by restraints and conditions. Politics also looks into the future. Pushing for changes, inclusive and sustainable, is the essence of it.

I celebrate diversity and pluralism, while holding a humanist creed. Politics shall be means, rather ends. The ends are ultimately the welfare of people.


Perhaps voters choose less based on policies or even preferences on certain personalities. They care more about a grander and more uniting goal, such as defeating the incumbent or protecting the state against the enemy to the country’s fundamental creed (socialism). The reason may be that those candidates are so divisive that they hardly convince …

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Biden’s policy paper published by the Foreign Affairs strengthens my belief that he is just so boring. Of course I adopt the viewpoint of a bystander. Thoughtful voters may think otherwise, if they prioritize the “healing” of schism, which theoretically shouldn’t be the case if elections ought to reflect private interests of each individual. Yet, …

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Four years ago, on the tuesday afternoon when we learnt Americans’ choice, my English bridging course teacher commented that it would be a start of a four-year-long turmoil. I wasn’t sure if that was a bluffing apocalyptic proclamation or a thoughtful prediction. Nevertheless, it has become more and more apt. I heard a lot of …

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listened to a podcast on the update of American politics. Two interesting points First, there is a clear distinction between the news on GOP and DNC. The host only mentioned GOP with regard to the incoming impeachment, whereas he gave almost half of the podcast to DNC primary. That is hardly surprising. A left-leaning news …

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20191016 The more I think about eichmann, the more I challenge my ethics structure. The truth is just that I wish not to adopt the convenient moral relativism. Haven’t read news for a while… it’s actually quite dangerous to distant oneself from the reality…. Thoughtlessness is the most grave danger. Our people want justice. Why? …

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20191012 Why is Rawlsian political philosophy so popular? Jonathan Wolf gave us an interesting argument. It was precisely due to the stagnation in the progress of mainstream political philosophy that made his theory so remarkable. If we reflect with hindsight, it should not surprise us to find that most thinkers either (i) indulge in the …

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Hong Kong

Infuriated by the violence. But what concerned me more is the future of the country as a whole. I perceived completely different narratives between western media and the nationalist tabloids. Take the HK airport case for an example, FT selected the picture in which an officer holding pistol despite there is sufficient video evidence that …

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For the better.

A few months ago, a Western publisher predicted that there would be a civil uproar in China this year. The year 2019 is the 100th anniversary of the May Fourth Revolution. It is also the 30th anniversary of that notorious massacre in Tian An Men Square. To be quite blunt, it is a “massacre”. From …

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Progress and Change

A growth in knowledge of science and history gradually led to the realisation that human life has changed over centuries. The concept that the world, human beings and the universe are constantly changing grew only grow slowly even in North America and Europe. In the nineteenth century, the publication of the origin of species upset …

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Citizens, without realizing it the Assembly has been lead far from the true question. There is no trial to be conducted here. Louis is not accused and you are not judges. You are, as you can only be, the nation’s statesmen and representatives. No verdict is required, either for or against a man. Rather, a …

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