I am Suci. Glad to meet you.

I started this blog in November 2016. Away from home and immersed in a new environment, a fourteen-year-old decided to record beautiful moments in life, partly for self-reflection, partly for recollection. I have since moved on to post about my travels, reading, movies and, most importantly, my interaction with the outside world .

I used to consider Science and Mathematics as my future direction. I dreamt that one day I can solve all the social ills with a scientific discovery. Nonetheless, I am witnessing poverty, inequality, and injustice around me. I gradually find that olympiad medals cannot provide an immediate answer to my surrounding world. I turned to history and reason, which nurture the current me.

I’d love to label myself as a life traveller. Meeting different cultures excites me. I encounter brilliant people along the way, make sense of the world around me, and more importantly, find myself.

The introduction ends here with my favourite quote from Tacitus — without fondness and fear. It is a wish for both you and me.