Tough Days

I am not sure if it is because of the increased exposure to events worldwide that distresses me. History is palliative: it suggests everything is cyclic. When it appears to be the nadir, things are progressing out of the trough. But, the trauma associated with this cycle proves to be unbearable. I see two different worlds taking shapes. One is subscribing to more “stability” argument. The other is discrediting the entire notion of order, an order used to represent the upper boundary of human knowledge construct and efficiency. I heard chanting of “engagement”, while seeing actions of “decoupling”. Yes, from the same agent. At this moment, there seems to be no alternative escaping from this. Maybe take a space shuttle to the ISS and spend one year up there?

When I think about it, I have two accounts. One, I underestimate the cruelty of the reality. The academia, that dominates publication and information source, is dealing with each section of the real world, with the fundamental assumption that “ceteris paribus”. “Ceteris paribus” in an entirely positive static. Two, the world is deteriorating. Gradually I accept the latter as the more convincing explanation. There are many sides, even within my immediate community, that I hardly appreciate. For example, why did the young folk chopping drumstick today appeared to have a similar age as me? I hardly afford to understand them: they are strangers that I would never meet in the future.

Economists are interested in “creative destruction”. Pain, in their narrative, is necessary for any form of advancement. Two assumptions: is advancement necessary? And, how can we ascertain the direct and *exclusive* causality between pain and advancement. We have similarly compelling logics and examples to illustrate why the reverse may be true. For those of who choose to believe in these logics, the recent days surely are getting tough, so as the future.

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